[...] Because my life has never been so innocently full of dark pleasures and sins.
And my face has never seen so many happily hated and torn brothers, from different palms.
And my soul has never felt such burning, such loss. Since the Earth stopped turning.
Really, why one would want to sacrifice all those unfeeling wounds again?
[...] I know I can drown whomever I want, selfishly playing under the thought of a great lesson I'm giving to fate and statistics.
And gladly I rise in front of my ability to distraction. Not only for myself -for everything.
With a sense of touching and just one coloured breeze,
defunctedly, productively.
And with hands wide open, while holding the sky,
I stay quiet.
Cause I'd pray if I believed somewhere except from solidarity
or wine.
and that's what she said. well, she never tried to hide herself anyway..

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